Who we are and what makes us different

Fronsee Technology Solutions is a San Diego based custom software development company. And a Database, Intranet, mobile applications and website development company. We also provide information technology, startup and business consulting. Whether looking for custom web or windows based solutions, FTS will design and develop whole systems, or add functionality to existing applications. We specialize in custom company Intranet systems, custom CRM solutions, and database driven web applications are our passion. We also develop mobile applications on iPhone or Android devices. See our services page for a list of everything we do, or contact us today for a free quote!

Our company is fairly new, so our rates are much lower than larger firms. Our staff is professional and communicates effectively with clients. We complete tasks quickly, and can get your application or website completed faster by using the latest .NET technologies, and using re-usable software objects with object oriented design. Which means less cost to you. We have excellent support and response time since you are only in communication with the person developing your system, and will make any requested changes quickly. Getting software changes up and running could takes months at larger firms. Working with a local, U.S.A. based company like FTS can prevent frustrations of working with overseas firms. Both time zone and cultural. At FTS you will be talking to the same person throughout the project. To make sure your software or website is up and running without any hidden fees, we offer no charge support for a month after deployment. Let us create the business tools your company needs!

You have an excellent website idea but no startup money?

FTS is also a startup company, website and application development company. So if you have the next best Internet or application idea, bring it to us and we will work with you to get if off the ground. Instead of charging a flat rate or project fee, we will work out a profit sharing agreement, or a combination of reduced rates and an agreement. You can get your project up and running with less startup costs! We will also sign any agreement to guarantee that the idea remains your property and not FTS's. Contact us today before someone else creates your idea!

Why does your business need a database / Intranet system?

No matter what service or product your company offers, it has records, files and data. Why bother with filing cabinets, paper workflows or procedures, or information scattered throughout a computer in spreadsheets? You will save time and money if there is a reliable database structure in place to enter, store and retrieve your data. If you choose a web based intranet system, this promotes better organization and communication throughout the company.

Why does your business need a website?

  • An Internet website equals global advertising.

  • Detailed online product information negates the need for lengthy and explanatory phone calls or brochures.

  • Selling online through a website can replace the need for a store (customers shop and checkout all online, ecommerce).

  • A lot of consumers check online before shopping elsewhere.

  • A website can just be a way to show information about your company and how to contact you. People use Google over the Yellow Pages nowadays.

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